If you think that lawn-care can be done by anyone, you are mistaken. You might think that all you need to do is to water your plants, trim the bushes and aerate the soil from time to time but it is a mentality like this that separates magazine-cover lawns from dull ones. Did you know that every turf is unique? This means that each of them requires a different approach. As simple as it may seem, watering your garden is one of the most difficult tasks. If it isn’t done properly it can dramatically change the appearance of your garden. Although every garden has its unique challenges and needs there are a few rules that apply to all. Let’s take a look at some common sense lawn care watering tips for Phoenix residents.

1. Learn More about Your Area

Before you set up your irrigation system you should learn more about the region that you live in. A garden that is located up-hill has different needs from one that is located down-hill. Also, if it is surrounded by tall foliage it might not need the same amount of protection as one that isn’t. These are only a few examples of region specific parameters that you should consider. Other factors that might influence your watering strategy include wind barriers, sunlight exposure, climate and pollution.

2. Research the Soil and Other Landscaping Specifics

The next thing that you should worry about is connected to landscaping specifics. Have you decided on the type of soil that you want to use? If the answer is yes, why have you made this choice? Do you know how that particular soil will behave during a drought or flood? Green Serv Pro knows everything about susceptibility to disease & fungus, soil behavior, water absorption and fluctuation or drainage. We also know what types of plants we should use in order to maximize watering efforts. Before we come up with a modern irrigation system we will try to resolve major issues through wise flower planting, and soil use.

3. Water Your Lawn at the Right Time

If you water your lawn in mid-day, most of the water will probably evaporate before it even reaches the roots of your plants. It is vital to use water wisely, and this means waking up early in the morning, or turning on your sprinklers in the evening. Choose not to respect this rule and you will have a fungus or disease situation on your hands. Besides watering times you should also think about drainage and absorption rate. To avoid floods or droughts you most make sure that you get the amount of water right.

4. How to Deal with New Lawns

New lawns or those which have young plants require constant moisture. This is the surefire way of boosting the health and beauty of your plants. Soil that is constantly moist will make it easier for new plants to grow roots. You can achieve this with the help of proper landscaping techniques and good materials that provide with water retention. We recommend you to use the services of our seasoned specialists, at least for the landscaping part.

5. Choose Your Plants Wisely

As we mentioned earlier, each plant has its specific needs. Before you devise your watering battle plan you should learn more about the grass, bushes or flowers that you will be using. While some require a lot of waters, others grow better under dry conditions. Green Serv Pro recommends the use of native plants because they adapt easier to climate changes and unexpected weather conditions.