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From Phoenix Landscape Specialists: Winterkill is not necessarily sure kill

When it comes to landscape design or lawn care and maintenance, things might not always be as simple as they seem, even if most lawn owners have the basic ideas and skills in order to identify the potential problems and take the necessary measures to prevent terrible consequences. And one of the wisest things to do is to contract a company that can assess a situation and manage all the necessary actions in a professional way. So let’s see how winterkill may affect your outdoor landscape this season and what a specialized company can do for you.
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7 Tricks for a Healthy Gilbert AZ Lawn This Spring

Are you happy spring is finally here? You should be: not only are the days longer and brighter, the grass and plants alive and green, and the weather fairer. This season also brings you the opportunity to invest in the beautiful, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted. How can you do that? It’s simple! Leave your lawn care needs up to GreenServPro, your Gilbert, Phoenix and Valley-wide lawn service provider. Worried that your lawn isn’t looking the way you want it to? Stop worrying and let us handle the job for you. Here are seven ways our lawn care company can help your lawn:
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Lawn Care in Chandler, Arizona. What to Do and What to Avoid?

Having a house with a lush lawn is probably a dream came true for many land owners, but lawns don’t actually come with instructions manuals like mowers do. You don’t learn about lawn care in the schools in Chandler, Arizona and many owners just wing it or improvise along the way, gathering scarce information from various and sometimes unreliable sources. Mistakes are made all the time, but if you really care about your lawn, you should know about mowing it to the right height, not too short and definitely not too rarely.
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Lawn Care in Avondale includes Lawn Flooding Prevention

Lawn care in Avondale, Arizona, is a pleasure and a joy for most lawn owners, and they have all the reasons to feel so, especially if they are taking care responsibly of their lawns, yards and gardens. But since watering is one of the critical aspects of lawn care, mistakes can be made and well, avoided too, as watering still gives people a lot of trouble when it comes to lawn maintenance. One common case is, of course, under – watering, a detrimental consequence to the life of your turf. The other common case, harder to solve however, is over – watering, thus turning your lawn into a swamp. You can wait for it to dry, granted, by this doesn’t mean it will survive the process. So drainage actions are mandatory and if you want to be ready for some lawn flooding in Avondale, here is what you can do.
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Lawn Care and Aeration in Gilbert, Arizona

It doesn’t matter if you have a small patch of turf in front of your house or you try to keep maintenance on a football field, there are some basic lawn care principles in Gilbert, Arizona, that apply to all grass fields: watering, mowing, fertilizing and aeration. Now if the first three can be called habitual tasks in the case of every lawn owner or school and parks, aeration is a more complex procedure that usually leaves behind dirt traces and unsatisfied customers (especially athletes that don’t particularly like rough grounds and romantic couples that bump into dirt lumps when taking a sweet walk), but on the long run, aeration is perhaps one of the best measures to make sure the fields are healthy and the grass bright green and luscious all year long. If you have mastered the mowing, the trimming and the watering of your lawn in Gilbert, Arizona, let’s see a few things on aeration too.
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Do You Know the Basics of Lawn Care in Phoenix, Arizona?

Lawn care in Phoenix, Arizona, is a tradition and a pride for all land owners who enjoy sitting on their porches admiring their lush yards, lawns and gardens. And it is indeed an exquisite feeling to walk barefoot in the bright green grass, playing with the children and the pets, having a late summer night outdoor picnic or party, enjoying a good mowing session or boasting about your luscious lawn to your neighbor. But the reasons to be proud of fade away if the lawn looks dry and dirty, if the turf is yellow, under nourished and ugly, isn’t it? This sort of look asks for immediate measures and if you want to plant new seeds and improve the looks and health of your lawn, here are some basic rules to lawn care in Phoenix you should follow.
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