We all know that effective lawn care can take quite a bit of time, effort and knowledge to be done right, not to mention the money investment in the proper tools and so on. This costly input is the main reason for which home owners often enlist the services of specialized lawn care professionals, who are better equipped with the proper skills, tools and knowledge required. But even so, enlisting the help of professionals as often as needed for a beautiful lawn can become pretty expensive as well. The estimates for the Phoenix area go as far as between $4000 and $6000 per year in every household with a lawn, which can be quite a lot.

Our lawn care Phoenix specialists, however, can help with this dilemma, by offering home owners a few tips to apply in order to need professional lawn care services less often. With a bit of research and a good lawn care strategy (like the one derives from the tips below), maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn should become cheaper and easy as pie. The main problem in the area is the hot and dry climate during the summer, which can lead to some lawns being more brown than green. The key to preventing this would be ensuring proper hydration and preventing the unnecessary use of chemicals. Here’s how.

  • Only fertilize as needed – One of the most common mistakes in lawn care is applying artificial fertilizers too much and too often. Most of the time, not only is the quantity excessive, but it may not even be the type of fertilizer the lawn needs. To determine the exact needs of your lawn, perform a soil test first and see what type of nutrients are missing, and only apply the fertilizer when the test results indicate a necessity. You will save both your wallet and the soil from extra chemicals.
  • Fertilize naturally – Even when fertilizing is required, you can try doing it the natural way most of the time. Our lawn care Phoenix experts say that compost made from readily available ingredients in your kitchen or bathroom can successfully replace artificial fertilizer most of the time. Also, leave the grass clippings on the ground, to allow their nutrients to return to the soil.
  • Get rid of pest attractors – Boxes, crates, logs or large branches, dead leaves gathered in piles and many other large objects on your lawn can become pest attractors. To save up the money you will have to spend on pest control, it’s better to just ask a team of specialists to remove all pest attractors from your home’s vicinity.
  • Reduce your lawn’s size – If there’s more lawn to water, the irrigation costs will go much higher than if you consider reducing the lawn size a bit. You can do this by creating more flower beds and filling them with flowers or sturdy shrubs, which require less irrigation then the lawn itself.
  • Allow the grass to grow taller – Our lawn care Phoenix experts say that a taller grass can protect itself better from drought or scorching sunlight and also requires less irrigation. A height of 3 inches is enough to obtain these benefits.

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