Having a beautiful and properly cared-for lawn needn’t be at odds with a concern for the environment. Sure, often enough, the classic lawn care methods can have a harmful effect on the environment due to water waste, the use of too many chemicals and so on, but this doesn’t have to be a rule. According to our experts in lawn care, Phoenix home owners can maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn in a way which is safe for the environment as well, by employing this short list of strategies.

Soil testing. Soil testing can minimize a home owner’s impact on the environment by reducing the quantity of extra products and chemicals used on the lawn. Very often, our lawn care Phoenix specialists say, home owners use too many products like fertilizers and such, without testing first to see if the lawn really needs them. By scheduling and carrying out a soil test in your yard, you can know the needs of your soil in great detail, and only apply the right type of products then. Fewer chemicals will mean less of an impact on the environment, so it’s a win-win situation.

Using the right plants. Enlist the help of a specialist to find the species of grass and plants which are native to the area, to make sure they adapt to the environment of your yard with as little external help needed. Also, ask your lawn care company to indicate the ideal place for each plant within the yard, to make sure each of them is optimally placed (in terms of sun versus shade, humidity and so on).

Increase the biomass. Try to increase the biomass of your lawn and yard in order for everything that grows there to be healthier and stronger. The biomass is comprised of the total number of plants, organisms, insects, animals, birds and so on which inhabit the land, per square meter of that land or area. The more various species you have, the higher the biomass, and the better it is for the lawn and the environment as well. Talk to your lawn care Phoenix company about planting in layers, in addition to computing biomass.

Water smarter. The optimal use of water is a good idea not only for the environment, but also for the health of your lawn as well. You should treat water like the scarce and valuable resource it is and devise a strategy for its use together with your lawn care service provider. First of all, they should estimate how much water is truly needed by your lawn in its current state. Second of all, you can talk about planting new species that require less water to thrive. Last, but not least, do all irrigation during the evening or early morning, to help your lawn benefit from that moisture for longer.

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