A well cared – for house in Mesa, AZ is a common sight, as Mesa residents are very thoughtful when it comes to their properties. So thoughtful, actually, that they don’t waste any effort when it comes to build luxurious landscapes, gardens and lawns. The outdoors are just as important as the indoors for a family’s comfort and daily joy, but the residents here know that a landscape which attracts photographers, all the neighbors and realtors is a very valuable one. Keeping their lawns immaculate and thriving is a constant preoccupation in the area.

But how do you keep your property lush, durable and healthy all year long? What should you know, do and apply in order to achieve the best results? Lawn care service experts have a few tips for obtaining the best lawn care Mesa, AZ, results.

Trust a professional with your lawn care

Just as you call a specialist to fix your broken car, so you should call a specialist to take care of your lawn and landscape. On the long term, a reliable lawn care company from Mesa, AZ, or additional service areas such as Scottsdale, AZ, Avondale, AZ, Laveen, AZ or Gilbert AZ can save you a lot of money and avoid mistakes such as overwatering, wrong fertilization delivery, unsuccessful weed control, improper turf cutting. They will also know the difference between climacteric conditions in different areas and act accordingly. Consulting with such professionals and letting them do their jobs is a wise way to turn your property in your dream patch of Heaven.

Understand your soil, your turf and your plants

Before engaging in landscape and lawn maintenance, you should know the makeup of your soil, its needs in terms of fertilization and watering and the turf you’re relying on. Different areas and soils need different types of grass in order to thrive healthy. Some turfs like Creeping Red Fescue can develop beautifully in less optimal soil conditions and with less water. Another example is the Centipede grass, which is healthy and strong, doesn’t develop diseases and is safe from pests. Knowing the optimal grass for your specific soil, together with the optimal plants is the best course of action in order to achieve the results you aim for.

There are rules of lawn care that should never be forgotten

Also called the “golden rules of landscaping”, these facts should always be known and taken into account. For instance, eliminate the risk of being invaded by weeds or the turf developing yellow patches by never cutting off too much of the grass. Water the turf in the morning and in early evening, during the day even, but never when it’s dark, as moist can give room to pests and disease to develop during night time. Check your soil for nutrients regularly and feed it the necessary fertilizers in order for it to stay strong and thrive.