There are a few lawns in this country that simply manage to take our breaths away when we admire them, even from afar. Among these are the classic lush green patches of land like the south lawn of the White House, or that surrounding the Biltmore Estate, or the grass and the trees which line the historical Oak Alley Plantation (from Louisiana). These are probably the most important examples of how an ideal lawn should look like, for most Americans.

But what can you do to make your lawn look at least a bit as beautiful and majestic as those, especially when you don’t have the staff and the resources which the famous lawns bask in? Don’t worry, with a few lawn care Mesa tips well applied, your garden and yard can go through a complete upgrade.

Pick the right grass species.

Before you ask, no, not all species of grass and turf are created equal, and they only look the same to careless eyes. But the differences between them that you should care about don’t have as much to do with their aspect, as they have to do with their specific needs. Local species are more adapted to thrive in the Mesa environment, while other species of grass may be specifically engineered to resist on less water, and so on. Consult with an expert before choosing one type of seed over another.

Cut the grass at the right height.

Lazy owners just tend to mow their lawns less often, but for a larger chunk of the grass height, while over does tend to do it very often for almost unnoticeable results. Both approaches are not very efficient, and for the most effective results (both for the general health of your lawn, and for the water consumption levels) the grass should actually be cut at a specific height. This depends greatly on the species of grass and on the specific conditions of your yard. The best idea is to delegate this aspect of lawn care to your service provider.

Go organic.

Organic doesn’t simply mean avoiding unnecessary chemical substances, but also making use of all natural waste left behind from basic lawn care activities. When it comes to eco-friendly lawn care, Mesa experts recommend leaving all the grass clippings which remain after mowing on the ground instead of disposing of them. All their nutrients will thus return to the soil.

Water smarter (deep, not frequent).

According to lawn care Mesa experts, the roots of grass and plants can go up to 6 inches deep into the ground. So, if you want to provide them with proper nourishment, the watering you offer your lawn should be deep enough to reach the end of those roots. Instead of watering every day, talk to your lawn care company about how you can water deeper and more efficiently.

These tips were brought to you by GreenServPro, your lawn care Mesa provider. Whatever you need help with, we’re the right people to call. Our service areas include Phoenix, Chandler AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Avondale AZ, Glendale AZ and many other neighboring regions.