Lawn Care

Green ServPro provides lawn care services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and is dedicated to ensuring your lawn maintains a lush green appearance, remains weed free and keeps your curb appeal the best in the neighborhood.

Lawn Care Services

  • Cut and edge lawn to maintain a clean finished look
  • Regular fertilization as needed to maintain a lush green appearance
  • Weed control against Dandylions, spurge, nut grass and more.
  • Lawn renovations include soil sampling and analysis to adjust PH
  • Thatching, Aeration and gypsum applications to reduce watering
  • Scalping and winter rye grass overseeding in October
  • Seasonal watering schedule adjustments to reduce waste

Lawn Care Best Practices

Watering Guide

It is best to water your lawn early morning. This will reduce evaporation especially in the summer months and allow water to absorb deep into the root zone. Seasonal watering schedule adjustments are included in our regular services however you may obtain a watering guide to the left.

Mowing Frequency

Depending on whether you want a highly manicured look or just maintain a healthly and managed appearance we offer a weekly or bi-weekly lawn care service. We do not recommend going any longer between services because as a general rule of thumb you do not want to cut more than 1/3 the blade length. Most sprinkler heads only popup to a 2″ height and it is necessary to ensure the grass does not get to long and block the sprinkler spray and provide inadequate coverage.

Maintain Healthy Soil

Green ServPro can provide soil testing and analysis. It is important that your soil maintains a good balanced PH to ensure the health of your lawns root system. Due to our hard water and lack of rainfall in the desert our soil tends to have a high Alkaline content and needs to be adjusted from time to time to to lower PH values and allow your lawn to absorb the necessary nutrients it needs to remain healthy and green.

Lawn Thatching & Aeration

A buildup of lawn thatch and compacted soils will will lead to poor lawn growth. It is important to have your lawn thatched and aerated every couple of years to reduce thatch buildup and maintain a porous soil by applying Gypsum and aerating the lawn by removing soil cores to assist in the absorbtion of water and fertilizers. This will reduce watering times by increasing water penetration which will reduce watering times and increase water penetration deep into the root zone where your lawn needs it the most.


Green ServPro feeds your lawn with the proper balance of nutrients with a slow release fertilizer about every 2 months. Slow release fertilizers spoon-feed nutrients slowly into the soil so that your lawn does not get to much nutrient at one time and allows your lawn to maintain good color while slowing down the growth for a well manicured look.

Weed Control

With consistant fertilization, proper irrigation and consistant lawn service your grass should stay healthy. However if your lawn is unhealthy to begin with due to poor soil conditions along with thin and stressed areas which promote weed growth, you may want us to do a lawn renovation for you. Weeds are produced from seeds which can be blown in from neighboring yards or may just lay dormant waiting for your lawn to provide it with the right conditions for sprouting. Weed prevention or removal (nut grass excluded) is a continuous service provided through your regularly scheduled lawn care service. To keep weeds from taking over your lawn we do provide a weed and feed fertilizer or an herbicide spray to kill most broadleaf and grassy weeds such as dandylions, spurge and crabgrass and not harm your existing lawn. Nut grass will require special herbicides which require additional service charges.

Winter Lawn Overseeding

Each October when the heat begins to subside and the night time temperatures are below 70 degrees it is time to scalp the summer grass and overseed your lawn with a rye grass to maintain a nice green lawn throughout the winter. Services are provided from October 1st – 31st for best results so plan on it early!

All Green ServPro LLC regular landscape service customers will be scheduled first. Non-regular customers will be scheduled on a first come / first serve basis.