When it comes to landscape design or lawn care and maintenance, things might not always be as simple as they seem, even if most lawn owners have the basic ideas and skills in order to identify the potential problems and take the necessary measures to prevent terrible consequences. And one of the wisest things to do is to contract a company that can assess a situation and manage all the necessary actions in a professional way. So let’s see how winterkill may affect your outdoor landscape this season and what a specialized company can do for you.

Gray or pink snow molds can be damaging for your lawn, especially if it gets covered in snow for prolonged periods of time, longer than a month or so. From your experience, you know that snow is the perfect insulator to favor mold growth and durability.

Winter desiccation is the second major peril you garden, lawn or turf can experience during the cold season, especially in those area vulnerable and exposed to long periods of powerful winds or ice. The grass becomes the primal victim every time water can’t drain properly and ice overwhelms the land.

One of the most subtle but not less dangerous winterkills is represented by de-icing products coming either from your municipality’s equipment used to clean snow and ice from the roads, or from your own devices you use to de-ice and clean your driveway or front yard. Keep in mind that many of these products and substances contain salt, among others, and if it drains into the soil, you will not have beautiful sight in spring

Pests are the fifth important winterkill you should keep an eye on, especially on rabbits and voles which can chew away everything green you hold so precious, while they hide deep underground.

What can you do to avoid these killers?

While there is not much you can do to absolutely eliminate these threats and their consequences against your lawn, turf or garden, there are some things that a specialized company such as Green ServPro from Phoenix can help you with. Let’s see what it would be best to leave in the care and service of professionals.

Mowing the lawn for winter. Of course you can mow your own lawn, but do you know how to do it so you can completely avoid mold? Getting your turf and garden to remain safe from snow mold is not an easy feat, but luckily, you can get the necessary help.

Landscape design and management means more than deciding which plants go great you’re your shrubs. Usually, such companies also offer extensive services in designing and protecting your lawn, as they will not plant grass or perennials that will get damaged by winter and hard weather conditions, but those plants and grasses that will resist a hard year’s cold season, such as rough bluegrass, creeping bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, annual bluegrass, tall and red fescue and so on.

Preventative measures

To make safe and sure, you should also opt for a fall lawn care regimen and not starting assessing winter damage when it’s already too late. An early prevention plan usually consists in the company’s care to avoid using a lot of nitrogen-based fertilizers, because they favor winter mold. Slow – releasing fertilizer is the way professionals go in order to ensure root safety and growth, but also to prevent winter desiccation to fully affect the land.

As landscape designers and constructors, professional lawn care takers make sure to put your lawn to sleep, so dethatching, core aerating, leaf removal, and improving water drainage are only a few measures to take.

More preventative actions imply installing snow fences, especially in those areas where it is impossible to avoid such meteorological phenomena. Moreover, if you live in an area where no matter how much you try, there is poor water drainage and you find yourself every year mourning your ice – cold lawn, you can invest into professional drainage systems that will carry the water to the plants’ roots.

You can do a lot of things by yourself and a lot of things should be done by professionals, especially if they are fast, competent and practice affordable prices. But sleep with one eye open, as winter may take you by surprise and you should not exclude the possibility of doing some heavy lawn repair in the spring. But since you benefit from professional services, a spring landscape redesign might be what you needed.