Your lawn can become the key attraction of your property and of your corner of the neighborhood as well, if it looks good enough to invite people over for picnics, barbecues, sports or fun activities with the kids. A well-maintained lawn can be the setting of wonderful times with friends and family, not to mention that it can also add up to the financial value of the property itself (thanks to the curb value effect).

But in order for your lawn to achieve that well-manicured look every home owner strives for, you need to invest time, money and effort into its care. The problem is that not everybody has the time, the physical strength or the knowledge and skills to properly care for their lawn, and this is why this task is best left to specialists, which can nonetheless add up to the bill. But when it comes to good lawn care, Mesa residents need to know that a few tricks can make the whole process easier, budget friendly and environmentally friendly too. Here’s how.

Try green gardening: If you study the soil and the climate enough, you will soon know what species of plants can accommodate easier to the local conditions and which are best avoided. If a variety of grass is better adapted to the area, it will require less external help and fewer chemicals to thrive, which makes it more sustainable for both the environment and your wallet.

Water smarter: We all know that water is a valuable resource which should be used more wisely. When it comes to lawn care, Mesa experts warn that more isn’t necessarily better, and if you know when to water or if you irrigate separately for each species of plants in your yard, you may end up saving quite a lot. Also consider scheduling your irrigation for early mornings, and talk to your lawn care Mesa company about collecting rainwater or using a drip irrigation system.

Consider recycling or a green waste system: The grass or shrub trimmings, the fallen leaves and the small branches that make their way onto your lawn can be collected and reused as natural fertilizer or mulch. Ask your lawn care service provider about implementing a green waste management system and soon recycling can become a part of your lawn care routine.

Check your lighting systems: Saving water or skipping chemicals aren’t the only aspects of going green in lawn care. Mesa residents often forget that being more eco-friendly includes saving energy as well, and a large part of energy waste is often caused by old, unchecked lighting systems. A lawn care maintenance company that offers integrated services should have the specialists required to assess whether any of your old bulbs or the lighting system in general are a liability and consume more than they should.

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