As a skilled gardener and outdoor landscape owner, you surely know there is no perfect solution to completely protect your lawn and landscape from winter damage. Of course, you have a certain level of experience, but sometimes the wisest thing to do is to ask for help from professional companies with years of know-how in lawn maintenance which can help you to apply some preventative measures to lessen the probability of plant harm over the cold season. For instance, the Phoenix based company Green ServPro offers a wide range of lawn and landscape maintenance solutions you can benefit from, together with some advice you can take into account. Here are some things professionals can do to protect your plants.

Do you paint your trees or use wrap paper?

Expert landscapists can protect your tree trunks from sunscald and ice cracks by either covering the trunks in white latex paint insisting on those surfaces that face the south or southwestern coordinates. The reason for this strategy is to prevent the sun rays to damage the trees by warming them up too quickly or to avoid the damage caused by sudden low dropping temperatures. Deflecting the sun light with white paint is something that not many people consider to be attractive from an aesthetic point of view, preferring to wrap paper or other materials around the tree trunks. These wrappings may look very ugly, this is why sometimes is better to leave the job to the professionals.

Wrapping isn’t a strategy exclusively dedicated to tree trunks, but can be adapted to evergreens and other green sensitive plants. Heavy snow, ice, desiccation, frost deposits can do unthinkable damage to them, so it is best to let the lawn professionals to wrap the delicate evergreens in burlap or heavy twine. Some may make the mistake of not leaving an opening at the top to let the plants breathe and benefit from as little as sun light they have, this is why this operation can be better performed by specialists.

Other lawn protection measures applied by specialists

One of the best advice lawn experts can give you is to start the winter lawn care and maintenance before winters settles in full power. For that, when you know that you’re dealing with the last days of autumn, water the garden and the lawn, all trees and shrubs, all flowers and evergreens enough to make sure they are thoroughly irrigated. This measure will protect them from winter burn and leaf scorch or blight.

Mulch is a great help if you let the specialists apply it as a barrier for your evergreens to stay safe from frost. Usually, it is applied after the soil freezes and allows not only root growth and protection, but just like a cosmetic product, it will protect the plants and the soil from sudden weather changes, even if they mean cyclic freezing and refreezing periods. An expert company will know exactly how much mulch your soil and plants need in order to stay protected. Moreover, as a supplemental protection method, in case your garden or lawn is menaced by rodents, the team that offers you maintenance and winter care can also install plastic collars around tree or bushes, to prevent voles or rabbits to attack your perennials. Pruning the trees and shrubs can be something you can do by yourself, or contract specialized services, but in this regard, in order to make sure you prevent any damage, pruning should be considered only in mid-spring.